Welcome to  the Leiston Centre for Wellbeing!  The centre is at 22 High Street, Leiston, next to the Coopers Chemist.  Please drop in, you are invited to  find out more about the therapies currently on offer, pick up leaflets and ask questions.

We are delighted to announce that Trish Dent has recently joined us at the centre.  She offers Shiatsu, Ayurvedic massage, Indian head massage and 1:1 yoga.

She also runs w’shops and will be running an introduction to Fermenting w’shop  on Saturday morning the 18th March.

As you may have heard on BBC2’s program  ‘Trust me I’m a Doctor’, fermenting foods is the best natural way to support healthy gut bacteria and strengthen your immune system.  You can watch the program on BBC iplayer. Series 6 -episode 1.



The Centre acts as an information point on many aspects of achieving and maintaining wellness.  We are a team of well-qualified and experienced therapists and our intention is to bring our expertise to give guidance  for maintaining health.  In addition to giving individual treatments, we will be running workshops on health-related matters.  We now offer shorter ‘taster’ sessions to give you an idea of how a therapy may help you.

The centre offers: aromatherapy; SCENAR therapy for pain, injury and stress relief; homoeopathy; Reiki; reflexology; iridology; hypnotherapy; sports massage; weight loss management; biodynamic massage and psychotherapy.

All the therapies we offer, though different in their approaches, can help to manage and alleviate the symptoms of many chronic and acute conditions.  They can assist with pain relief, weight management, digestive disorders, allergies and sports injuries; they can help manage stress, depression, anxiety, and phobias; and promote relaxation and revitalisation.